In 2007, Jonathan was all set to leave Lizzie when she suddenly starting acting depressed. Geschichte Persönliche Geschichte. Later, in private, Jonathan tried to get Nate to leave, but Nate refused, determined to get what he wanted from the Lewis family. Despite this, Jonathan had papers drawn up sharing custody of Sarah with Lizzie. Feeling extremely guilty, Tammy told Jonathan that she could not give in to her feelings for him and was resolved to stick by Sandy. Er spielte eine Rolle bei der Niederschlagung der Rebellion und wurde vom Herzog von Sandringham finanziell stark unterstützt. Later, Bill approached Jonathan and revealed that he knew about what happened in Tourmaline. Jonathan begged Sandy to let Tammy go, and Sandy agreed -- as long as Jonathan took her place. Zu Randalls Überraschung nimmt Roger seine Hände und hält diese fest, während er für Randalls Seele betet. Luckily, Lizzie saw the goons stuff Jonathan inside the trunk and rescued him by knocking the goons out. Jonathan returned to Springfield and met his new baby brother, Colin. In August 2009, Jonathan came across a body lying in the woods and was shocked to discover that it was Jeffrey who had been presumed dead for weeks. At that point, Jonathan went off the road and over a cliff, where his car plummeted and exploded on impact with Alan and Reva as witnesses. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Jonathan Randall. Edmund warned Jonathan that he could eliminate him as easily as he took care of Jeffrey. Randalls Männer zogen Jamies Hemd aus und banden ihn an ihren Wagen, woraufhin Randall ihn mit der flachen Seite seines Säbels gegen den Rücken schlug. Unnerved, Lizzie hid Jonathan and sent the police on a wild goose chase. At the same time, Lizzie lured Jonathan to Old Mill Road, and offered to hand over Sarah to him there. Matthew Randall's Company for Rhode Island service and in 1780 for the same in Capt Pratt's company. Though deeply tempted to give in to her own feelings, she resisted and pushed him away. Reva urged Jonathan to tell Lizzie the truth about Sarah, but Jonathan was convinced that Alan was still a danger and refused to take a chance. Later, Jonathan and Tammy came face-to-face during a holiday party at Towers. Miraculously, she came back! Not long after, Jonathan finally decided it was time to get revenge against Alan, and asked Remy to get him an untraceable gun. Nate came after Jonathan one last time, but Jonathan managed to hit him in the head with the oar and Nate fell into the water. The more Jonathan tried to hurt Reva, the more he succeeded in making Reva try harder to reach him. Soon, Sandy began receiving harassing emails regarding Jonathan's death. That night, Jonathan confronted Alan at the mansion about his part in Tammy's death. When Tammy rejected him, Jonathan set it up so Tammy would think Sandy slept with another woman. However, he wasn't totally sure she was telling the truth. Jonathan didn't believe Sandy's lies for a second. Randall came to be at Culloden because he was an English soldier and was stationed there at the time. Jonathan called her a hypocrite for demanding he tell the truth about his baby when she wouldn't even tell her family about her cancer. Jonathan Randall was born into royalty as the son of Prince Richard Winslow of San Cristobel , and Princess Catherine (Reva Shayne Lewis' name when she was suffering from amnesia). Upon learning that Reva had drawn up legal papers charging Edmund with arson, he stole the documents and then faxed them to an unsuspecting Cassie. Later, Jonathan learned that Tammy had been expelled from college because of the arson charges, and attempted to talk the dean into letting her back in. Als er fertig war, verspottete Randall die Schwester und forderte sie auf, ihn mit ins Haus zu nehmen, um Jamie zu schonen. Although she intended for Reva to come, Jonathan's new friend and Cassie's rival, Dinah Marler, unexpectedly derailed the plan. His elder brother, Edward Randall, inherited the family estate in Sussex, while his younger brother, Alexander, became a curate.In the mid-1730s, Randall bought his commission and served as a captain of dragoons. At the station, Jonathan vehemently denied having anything to do with it, but later told Reva if he had to confess in order to protect Tammy, he would. Unfortunately, Edmund got away and promised that he would murder all of the Lewis children unless Jeffrey continued to let Reva believe that he was dead. She then quickly reassured him that children were far off in their future. Jonathan had 3 siblings: Hannah Arnold and 2 other siblings . Again, she tried to persuade him to acknowledge his daughter. Weeks later, Jonathan was stunned when Tammy told him she suspected Lizzie was pregnant. Hab mir das heute noch mal durch den Kopf gehen lassen, und um so mehr ich darüber nachdenke um so mehr gefällt mir die Geschichte. When Reva continually dragged her feet about telling Cassie, Jonathan ultimately took matters into his own hands. As Jonathan and Lizzie were looking at a sonogram of their perfectly healthy baby, Reva slipped away. Later, when Tammy pleaded with Jonathan to return the money, he just lashed out at her and warned her to stay away from him. Jonathan Randall is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light. As if on cue, Jonathan got a menacing call from Edmund who threatened to take Sarah. That same day, a frantic Lizzie called Jonathan stating that her car had been stolen while Sarah was in it and Lizzie was in the chapel. Alan was there to ensure that Jonathan stayed out of that baby's life. 1805. Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie argued about her lying to him about the baby. He settled in Newtown, New York for several years. The pair then went to St. Mark's where Beth's baby was being baptized. Although Jonathan refused at first, he had a change of heart and went to the docks and told Nate he'd go with him in exchange for Tammy's freedom. Soon, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and Jonathan decided to stay with her until she got better. Unforgettable characters. Unbeknownst to Shayne, Jonathan was actually talking to Jeffrey who kept in touch with him for several weeks. Schließlich wußte J.Randall ja auch das er sterben wird, dank Claire. So wird Jack zum gesetzlichen Vater seines biologischen Neffen Denys Alexander Randall. Antagonist beziehungsweise Bösewicht der Serie Outlander ist der brutale und wahnsinnige Jonathan Randall, ein Vorfahre.. Outlander-Fans zogen aus Casting-Meldungen häufig Rückschlüsse auf die Handlung. A little later, after realizing that Reva asked Josh to "babysit" him, Jonathan threatened to quit, but Josh didn't take the bait and left him alone with the company bank codes. Randall trifft die Frau einige Wochen später wieder, als Dougal MacKenzie sie nach Fort William bringt und sie als Mistress Claire Beauchamp vorstellt. Scared for the life of her child, she confided in Olivia Spencer (without Richard's knowledge) and gave up her baby to keep him safe. The plan worked when a devastated Cassie left Edmund. On the anniversary of Tammy's death, Jonathan returned with Sarah and started harassing Alan by calling him and using an old voice mail of Tammy to simulate her voice. However, when he revealed that he slept with Tammy to hurt Reva as much as she hurt him, Reva began to see that she had a hand in making her son a bitter, angry, and damaged person. She and Jonathan would get married so they could raise Sarah as a family. But, as soon as Tammy looked at Jonathan, Sandy realized Jonathan was the one she loved. Fähigkeiten/Waffen Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While he recuperated, Sandy received several visits from a very menacing Jonathan, facing the man who purposely left him to die. Jonathan told his mother that the child would be better off without him. heiratete Randall Mary Hawkins, die ihn einen Sohn, Denys, gebar. Jonathan was able to revive Jeffrey who warned him that Edmund was a danger to everyone that Reva loved. Unfortunately, there was a snowstorm and Jonathan's car was stuck. So erzählt sie ihr, wie ihre und Jamies Geschichte weitergeht, nachdem Claire Jamie aus dem Gefängnis und den Fängen von Jonathan Randall gerettet hat. Rolle His father was knighted in the late 17th century, and was awarded a baronetcy by King George I. After driving away without him, she got a restraining order against Jonathan. Jedes weitere Verhör wird abgebrochen, als er bewusstlos geschlagen wird und die Frau nach dem Aufwachen verschwunden ist. However, when Lizzie had a scare, Jonathan decided to end things with Tammy so he could fully commit to Lizzie and the baby. Bill helped Jonathan sneak into the mansion, but as soon as they did, Bill tipped off the house security and two guards arrived and strong-armed Jonathan. Meanwhile, Bill approached Jonathan offering to help him get Sarah back, so that Bill could have Lizzie all to himself after Jonathan and Sarah left town. Er war ein unbedeutender Kämpfer in England zur Zeit des Jakobitenaufstandes im 18. He came upon Tammy and Sandy on the edge of a cliff just as Tammy was offering to run away with Sandy to protect Jonathan. Lizzie agreed and Jonathan offered to wed the next day, to prove his sincerity to the judge. Sandy was determined to finish Jonathan off, so Tammy threw herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but ended up pushing too hard and sent Sandy careening off the cliff to his death. Tammy and Lizzie got the same message--they realized Alan set Lizzie up to see Jonathan meeting Tammy. At Cedars, Alan served Jonathan with a legal document asking for custody again. Suspecting that Reva was going to try to trap Nate, thus putting herself in danger, Jonathan warned his father in an effort to get him to leave town. Realizing his mother had cancer, he confronted her. Jonathan stammt von dem hebräischen Namen יְהוֹנָתָן (Yehonatan) (verkürzt zu יוֹנָתָן (Yonatan)) und bedeutet "YAHWEH hat gegeben". Although she denied it at first, she admitted it was true. After making sure that no one would give an apartment to Jonathan, Sandy began stalking Tammy and called Jonathan, taunting him about it. About a month later, Jonathan started to receive mysterious and disturbing phone calls from a woman named Darla, who later showed up in Springfield and warned Jonathan that he'd better deliver the information about Reva he promised or he'd suffer the consequences. Die Geschichte setzt nach Ende der zweiten Staffel an. Like Josh, Shayne immediately distrusted Jonathan and when he overheard Jonathan having a clandestine phone call, he immediately suspected that he was working with Edmund. Unfortunately, they were discovered by the entire family. His father was knighted within the late 17th century, and was awarded a baronetcy by King George I. Jonathan had one condition--Reva would be able to see her grandchild any time she wanted. Im Schottland des Jahres 1739 wird Captain Jonathan Randall nach Fort William übertragen und löst so Captain Buncombe ab. Knowing that Tammy had just broken up with her boyfriend, JB made it a point to flirt with the vulnerable young woman. Later, after being comforted by Reva, Jonathan told her, with Nate standing right there, of his suspicion that his father had to have killed Marissa, since she was terrified of water. However, Jonathan's offer was an empty one. Although she agreed, he was heartbroken when she disappeared and apparently went to see Sandy. Jonathan threatened to tell Josh himself, but Reva said she'd tell Josh when he opened up about the baby. Although Jonathan tried to convince Tammy that they belonged together; she needed more time. Shortly after, Sandy found Jonathan holed up in a hotel just out of Springfield and asked him to help Tammy. A little later, while Reva was alone on the docks, Nate miraculously came out of the water and tried to kill Reva. When Jonathan proudly admitted he slept with Tammy, Reva was furious and disgusted. I'll look after Sarah; she'll look after me. Als er ihren gebildeten englischen Akzent hört, wird Randall misstrauisch gegenüber ihrer Anwesenheit in den abgelegenen schottischen Highlands. Later, Jonathan received another threatening message, reminding him that someone was watching him. Luckily for him, he was able to hide what he was doing. Later, a dangerous JB returned to Tammy, but she decided to wait to have sex. The moment was broken, though, when the pair was arrested for breaking and entering, since Jonathan had lied to Reva and told her he knew the owner. Lizzie and Jonathan ended up at Outskirts where they had a one-night stand. Jonathan agreed and the pair faced off, just like they did years earlier. Afterwards, Jonathan assured her that Sandy would never be a problem for the two of them again. Jonathan RandallBlack JackJack Randall These flashbacks centered on Jonathan's death when he fell from a cliff, despite Sandy's attempt to rescue him. The message turned out to be fake and two goons grabbed Jonathan and shoved him into a car while Alan took Sarah. Erfahrener Schwertkämpfer After talking with Frank, Jonathan found out that Tammy had gone after Sandy and went to find her. Bone marrow was extracted from Lizzie and Reva and they were given tattoos to cover the scars. 4 … Reva's attempts to reach out to her son were met with scorn. Catherine then escaped San Cristobel. Jonathan revealed that it was the only way to get Alan off his back forever. Days later, after asking to see Sarah, Tammy died. At that point, Frank rushed in with news that they found the car. Later, Jonathan received another ominous warning that made him fear for Reva's safety. Unfortunately for Jonathan, Bill caught wind of his plan and arrived in time to switch the drinks. The procedure worked and Sarah made a full recovery. Lizzie was so moved by Bill's words that she when it came time to say her vows she couldn't go through with it, and left. Fearful of Darla's next move, Jonathan turned down the offer, but changed his mind when he saw Darla hone in on Tammy. Outlander Tammy chose Sandy, and Jonathan stormed off. Soon after, Jonathan met Tammy at the Jessup farm where she confessed that Sandy was going to propose and that she intended to say yes. Jahrhundert zum Ritter geschlagen und von König George I. mit einem Baronettum ausgezeichnet. Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie went to the mansion to reclaim their daughter. Then a surprising person bailed him out--a tipsy Lizzie. In the end, Dinah, herself, finally told Edmund the truth about the night before Cassie's wedding. They drove through the countryside until the limo managed to swerve away from him. Jonathan became sedated instead and when he awoke, Sarah was gone. Finally, the night before the wedding, Jonathan dared Tammy to admit that she really loved him, not Sandy. When Alan suggested that Jonathan was less suited at fatherhood than he was, Jonathan agreed and stated he didn't want anything to do with Lizzie's baby. Later, another attempt by Reva to trap Nate resulted in Tammy getting kidnapped. Jonathan's arrival put a strain on Reva's marriage to Josh Lewis, who distrusted Jonathan. Though Ava begged him to keep it a secret, Jonathan went right to Tammy. Die beiden entscheiden, nach … Jonathan was proven correct when he received a text message from Lizzie asking him to come to the Bauer cabin. Luckily, Tammy came across Jonathan as he was drowning, and saved him. When it seemed as if Bill would reveal his secret, Jon began to choke him -- until Lizzie arrived, begging him to stop. Aber das gehört wohl auch einfach dazu. Jonathan Randall was born into royalty as the son of Prince Richard Winslow of San Cristobel , and Princess Catherine (Reva Shayne Lewis' name when she was suffering from amnesia). Although he confronted Sandy, he had no proof. Now, the clues to how he died were somewhat sketchy, but some were mentioned both in … When Jonathan defied the order in order to talk to Tammy, he was promptly arrested. Then he asked Lizzie to marry him. The intruder didn't answer and so she fired. Though Reva warned Jonathan not to return to town, he ended up doing just that. Jonathan, born about 1818, married first Jane Ellen Van Wickel. Throughout all of this, Jonathan was falling in love with Tammy and he finally confessed his feelings. Then at the cemetery, Lizzie made the painful decision to let Sarah leave with Jonathan. Jonathan confessed to setting the fire, but stressed that he was alone. ... Geschichte Fantasy, Liebesgeschichte / P12 30.10.2016 31.10.2016 2. So, that night, Jonathan went ahead with his diabolical plan--he seduced a virginal Tammy in order to get revenge on his family. Tammy offered to let him take a shower, but then seemingly betrayed him by telling Reva where he was. Desperate to get Tammy back, Jonathan entered in a deal with Lizzie--help him get Tammy back and he'd help her get Coop back. Not long after, Sandy was seriously injured after being struck by a car. Alan immediately sued for custody of the baby, but thanks to an impassioned plea by Josh, it was denied. Later, she agreed to leave town with Jonathan and Sarah. With his daughter, presumed dead after faking a car explosion (February 1, 2007 to January 25, 2008), Suspected of being Reva Shayne Lewis' stalker [January 29, 2003 -March 3, 2003], Sold a party drug to Lizzie Spaulding [September 2, 2004], Sent harassing email messages to Sandy Foster [September 20 - 24, 2004], Doctored an email to insinuate that Sandy caused his death [October 8, 2004], Disconnected and threw out a hospitalized Sandy's call button so he could not call for help [ October 15, 2004], Arranged for his mother, Reva Lewis, to be slipped drugs [October 15, 2004], Incest: Maliciously seduced his cousin, Tammy Winslow, in order to exact revenge on his family for giving him up [October 19, 2004], Bound and gagged Sandy in his hospital room at Cedars [October 21, 2004], Attempted to strangle his mother [ October 25, 2004], Drugged his Aunt Cassie and then made it appear as if they'd slept together [January 4, 2005], Set himself up to fall down the stairs, to make it appear as if his stepfather, Josh Lewis, pushed him [January 7, 2005], Broke into a record store and attempted to steal a CD (was arrested) [January 28, 2005], Destruction of private property; destroyed the car he'd bought for his mother [February 4, 2005], Lifted Bill Lewis' wallet out of his pocket without Bill's knowledge, then placed the wallet on Jed Harris to blackmail Jed into giving him information (returned the wallet the same day) [April 1, 2005], Under coercion, embezzled money from Lewis Construction [early June 2005], Smashed pictures in the Lewis home [July 6, 2005], Knocked his mother unconscious [August 15, 2005], Assaulted Alfred Randall in self-defense [August 15, 2005], Coerced a prospective buyer into not purchasing the house Jonathan wanted [November 15, 2005], Broke into and ransacked said house after it was purchased by Sandy for Tammy [November 17, 2005], Sabotaged Sandy's divorce from Ava Peralta [November 2006], Planned to set Tammy's house on fire; although he changed his mind, he ended up accidentally burning it down anyway [December 7, 2005], Arrested for arson (charges dropped) [December 27, 2005], Assaulted a police officer [December 27, 2005], Snuck into the Jessup farm to retrieve Tammy's things [January 15, 2006], Snuck into Josh's room and stole a file he Josh had on Jeffrey [January 16, 2006], Arrested for violating a restraining order from Tammy Winslow [April 6, 2006], Got into a fight with Coop Bradshaw and went through a glass window [May 1, 2006], Stole keys to an OB-GYN clinic from Ashlee Wolfe [May 4, 2006], Broke into the OB-GNY clinic [May 5, 2006], Gave liquor to the underage Ashlee Wolfe [May 8, 2006], Arrested for letting Ashlee order drinks with a phony ID at Outskirts (she was being served without his knowledge) [May 16, 2006], Crashed into the Spaulding mansion window [June 17, 2006], Roughed up Alan's goons [August 11, 2006], Stole Dr. Baker's wallet and used his credit cards to buy an expensive bottle of champagne [September 12, 2006], Kidnapped Lizzie to force Alan to return Sarah to him [January 24, 2007], Drugged Alan and then set fire to his mansion while he was asleep [January 26, 2007], Faked his and Sarah's deaths [February 1, 2007 to late January 2008], Assaulted the sheriff of Tourmaline, CA, with a shovel when he discovered the man was beating his daughter, Aubrey [September 2007], Harassed Alan with phone calls [January 22, 2008], Planned on drugging Lizzie and fleeing with their daughter [January 30, 2008], Held a gun to Alan, threatening to kill him [February 12, 2008], Kidnapped Lizzie and left her stranded at the side of a deserted road [February 20, 2008], Bought dope from a drug dealer, planning to frame Lizzie [March 4, 2008], Stole Beth Bauer's car, switched a patient's medication at Cedars, switched Billy's drink order with bourbon, and sent a hooker to Bill Lewis, while leaving notes behind implicating Lizzie [March 5, 2008], Kidnapped Roxy, Lizzie's dog [March 5, 2008], Kept hidden the fact that Jeffrey O'Neill was alive [August 2009 to Present], Jonathan's farewell to Tammy at her grave on March 5, 2008 before he leaves left town with Sarah: Despite her pleas, Jonathan sided with his father and rushed at Reva, knocking her unconscious. Though Jonathan later arranged for Reva to meet them for a visit in a nearby town, when he spotted Lizzie following Reva, he was forced to flee. Distraught, Tammy ran out of the church and came face-to-face with Jonathan, who whisked her away. Although Reva was quick to accept his story, Cassie didn't believe it and was angered that Reva so readily believed Jonathan. When Nate sensed Jonathan's reluctance to help him, he tore into Jonathan the way he'd always done. Jetzt Episode 9 Staffel 1 von Outlander & weitere Folgen komplett in bester HD Qualität online als Stream. Jonathan then jumped into the water. Meanwhile, Jonathan learned that Wolfe was investigating Lewis Construction, as well. Later, Cassie confessed the details of what happened to a horrified Reva. After warning Jonathan that he would be watching him, Alan reluctantly gave Lizzie away at her wedding. Believing the information could be in Sandy's laptop, Reva asked Tammy to get it. Luckily, Tammy and Remy arrived, and Tammy gave Jonathan the confidence to return and, with Tammy's help, he delivered his baby daughter. After bidding adieu to Reva and thanking her for all the love she gave him, Jonathan left Springfield with his daughter. A day later, Reva arrived home to find Jonathan waiting for her. Luckily, Reva managed to talk their way out of trouble. Before leaving, Jonathan visited Reva and left a note for her saying goodbye. Although Tammy did end up going through with the wedding, Sandy was arrested immediately after for bigamy!